• Anthony Lee Winns Jr

    Defining Complex IT Management Activities

  • About Anthony Lee Winns Jr

    Anthony Lee Winns Jr. is a well established IT project manager who has experience spanning the deployment of complex assets that meet the requirements of network and system users. Working closely with senior leadership, Anthony Lee Winns Jr. has defined project scope and completion timeframes, while implementing mitigation efforts designed to ensure the best possible outcomes.

    Mr. Winns’ IT asset delivery has enabled the relocation of personnel and delivered seamless operational functions during the transition. In his role as network administrator, he has worked to resolve complex computer problems, including those involving physical infrastructure such as fiber optic assemblies and cabling. Performing advanced systems analysis and investigations, he has made available relevant data to key decision makers.

    Mr. Winns has also provided essential support oversight as help desk lead, and coordinated efforts among team members related to the integration of software, desktop PCs, and server hardware. He holds a degree from Old Dominion University in business administration, with a focus on information systems and economics.

  • Education

    Old Dominion University

    BS (2000-2008)

    Business Administration

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