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Building Up the Elements of a Song

Anthony Lee Winns Jr

With an extensive IT management background, Anthony Lee Winns Jr. has served as network administrator and guided the deployment of complex network infrastructure. One of Anthony Lee Winns Jr.’s longstanding interests is music, and he is knowledgeable in the techniques of at-home music production.

While nothing surpasses a tight band of musicians for creating a natural musical flow, most musicians these days use click tapes or metronomes as a way of setting tempo. If that seems too wooden, a pre-recorded drum loop can be utilized to create a more natural series of beats to follow with vocals or instruments.

Another strategy, particularly for songs that lack a steady tempo, is to set in place a scratch track. This can be one or more instruments that are initially recorded to provide a framework. Using these tracks as a guide while laying down the following tracks, each instrument is then re-recorded to perfection and the original tracks scratched, or deleted.

Typically, building up a song begins with setting the rhythm elements in place. While this is most commonly done using drums and bass, the rhythm guitar or any other instrument that drives the tempo and pace of the song can be used. This is augmented by harmonies, which add layers of sound within a tonal framework. These can involve vocals, as well as synth, guitar, and horn parts. The melody is arranged over this harmonic bed to center and drive the piece as it works toward a conclusion.

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